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How to reduce the rate of defective nails


No matter which industry is producing and processing finished products, there will be some defective products produced and processed, but we have some details to solve these problems in order to avoid the increase of cost and the reduction of production efficiency. So how can we avoid defective nails? Let's explain the details that need to be paid attention to.


Nail skew: If this problem occurs, then the nail cutter is skewed or damaged, or the gripping die is loose. How do we solve the problem? The first is to check whether the nail cutter is damaged or skewed. If the nail cutter is skewed, the nails produced will naturally be skewed. Therefore, in our usual repair, maintenance and use, we should not only pay attention to and protect the nail cutter, but also improve the qualification rate of our nails. Second, if the nail die shows signs of loosening, the nails will also be skewed to varying degrees, so we also cannot ignore the skewness of the nail die.


The nails are not straight or bent: If this happens, if the nail die seat is loose, the cutting edge of the cutters does not meet the requirements, or the cutters are out of alignment. The first is to check whether the trapezoidal screw head meets our requirements. Compress the nut of the nail-making machine to loosen and tighten the nut; secondly, the cutting edge of the cutter of the nail-making machine is different when cutting materials with different hardness; Check whether the nail cutters need to be replaced.

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