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Solutions to common nail head problems


First, there is no nail head: This is a common fault. Most of it is the reason why the gripping dies cannot grip the nail wire tightly. You only need to replace the gripping dies; there is another possibility that the nail wire is reserved for punching the nail head. If it is too short, you can adjust the length of the reserved nail wire.


Second, the nail head is not round: This fault is usually also on the nail gripping dies. First, observe whether the countersunk hole on the nail gripping dies is round. If it is not round, it needs to be drilled again; it is also necessary to observe whether the nail gripping dies hole is uneven, and adjust it to ensure even. There is also a problem with the nail wire, either the nail wire reserved for punching the nail head is too short, adjust the length of the reserved nail wire; or the nail wire is too hard to punch the nail head or the nail head is unqualified , the nail wire needs to be annealed.


Third, the thickness of the nail head: It is also necessary to check the nail gripping dies to see whether the height of the two sets of nail gripping dies is the same, and also to see whether the nail gripping dies can grip the nail wire well, and then observe whether the countersink hole of the nail gripping dies has serious wear on one side. In the end, it is necessary to observe whether the nail wire is too hard and the nail head punched out is unqualified.


Fourth, the nail head is skewed: first, check whether the center of the two nail cutters is consistent with the center of the nail gripping dies, whether the front and rear heights of the nail cutters are neat, and whether the counter bore positions of the two nail gripping dies are on the same level.

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