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high speed nail thread rolling machine HAM-GS-100N

High-speed Nail Thread Rolling Machine


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Technical parameters:

Model   NO.HAM-GS-100NRemarks
Nail Length   Range25-100 MM
The actual power consumption of this equipment is 4-6KW, which is related   to the speed, nail size etc.
Nail Dia.   Range1.8-3.6 MM
Maximum Speed
1800   PCS/MIN
Main motor power5.5 KW
General power7 KW

Features and Advantages:

1. Equipped with independently developed vibrating bowl

A. Dead weight 280kg

B. With six sets of vibrating plates (20°)

C. Bigger diameter bowl (φ740mm)

D. Higher speed

E. Low amplitude of nail jumping

F. Stable performance

2. Vibrating bowl controller

A. Adopts delay starting circuit

B. Equipped with isolated voltage regulating module

C. Multi-turn precision potentiometer control

D. Stable speed

3. Equipped with a touch screen HMI

A. Working parameters can be adjusted directly

B. It also has perfect fault stop automatic display function

C. Remote operation function

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